Comparing Motorbike Insurance Policies Online

Motorbike insurance is a legal necessity for anyone intending to ride on UK roads, whether you use your bike and your main mode of transport or just as a hobby. And like car insurance, cover can get expensive if you're not careful. Use our free comparison tool to find the cheapest policies available to you today.

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Types of Cover:

Third Party

Third party only policies the most basic kind of cover available. They'll pay out in the event that you cause damage to someone else's vehicle or property, but the cost of any repairs to your own bike will come out of your own pocket.

Third Party Fire & Theft

TPFT policies add cover against fire damage and theft (or attempted theft) to the basic cover you'd get from a third party only policy.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive policies offer the most cover but, despite the name, the specifics of what you'll be insured for will vary from policy to policy, so always read the small print before you sign up.

Types of Bike

Motorbikes and mopeds come in various different shapes and engines sizes, and each will cost a different amount to insure. As a general rule, the more powerful the bike, the more it will cost to cover.

You'll also need a different grade of license for different sizes of bike. Find out more information about motorbike license grades here.

Extra Cover

There are various added extras you can get that will affect the breadth and cost of your cover. For example, if you often carry passengers on your bike, you'll want to add on what is known as pillion cover.

Again, as with car insurance, you will usually be able to add named drivers to your policy.